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                2018-09-26英语四︾级完型语法关键句:400. As one of the world's highest p

                400. As one of the world&#39;s highest paid models, she had her face insured for five million dollars.译文作为世... [查看全文]

                2018-09-25英语四☆级完型语法关键句:399. Tamed elephants are different f

                399. Tamed elephants are different from wild elephants in many aspects, including their tempers.译文被驯服的大象在很... [查看全文]

                2018-09-24英语四级完型』语法关键句:398. This takes somewhat longer, a m

                398. This takes somewhat longer, a minimum of about 0.5 seconds.译文这花费的时间要稍微长一些,至少约0.5秒。点睛该句在本... [查看全文]

                2018-09-23英语四级完型语ω 法关键句:397. I have no doubt that virtually

                397. I have no doubt that virtually all of these people were taught in school that the earth revolves around t... [查看全文]

                2018-09-22英语四级完型语法关键ζ句:396. More than forty thousand reader

                396. More than forty thousand readers told us what they looked for in close friendships, what they expected of ... [查看全文]

                2018-09-21英语四级完型语法关键句:395. Alarmed by this state of decay,

                395. Alarmed by this state of decay, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) launched a comprehensive... [查看全文]

                2018-09-20英语四级完型语法关键句:394. But experts say Japan is unique

                394. But experts say Japan is unique in that sales have been decreasing steadily over time.译文但是专○家认为,日本的... [查看全文]

                2018-09-19英语四级完型语法关键句:393. Mother tried to say something i

                393. Mother tried to say something in English but it came out all wrong and we all burst into laughter and de... [查看全文]

                2018-09-18英语四级完型语法关键句:392. A language is a signaling syste

                392. A language is a signaling system which operates with symbolic vocal sounds (语声), and which is used by a... [查看全文]

                2018-09-17英语四级完型语法关键句:391. Though you've got to get them t

                391. Though you&#39;ve got to get them to do it, by helping too much, or even examining answers too carefully,... [查看全文]