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                Girl Shares Her Grandfather’s Act Of Love To His Wife Of 60 Years And It Will Make Anyone Believe In Love Again


                The elderly often teach us important life lessons. All of the wisdom they collected through life can help us see things that are truly important in life, such as showing affection to our loved ones. Some of the younger people often take their closest ones, including their significant others for granted, and they have a lot to learn from some of those who have managed to keep their relationship strong and fulfilling for decades.



                Recently, one such brilliant example went viral. A granddaughter shared a lovely story about the way her grandpa shows affection to his wife after being married for 60 years.



                In her Facebook post, Alesha Nemechek wrote how her 85-year-old Papa Joe still remembers to show love, affection, and attention to his wife by doing little things for her. Despite his memory not being as good as in his younger years, Joe still remembers all of his wife’s favorite things and tries to surprise her with them.


                Nemechek concludes her post by encouraging people to take this story as a lesson on how it is important to stay ‘intentional’.



                Fascinated by their long-lasting relationship, Nemechek often shares little things about her grandparent’s relationship. Recently, she wrote about asking Papa Joe: “What’s the one thing you’ve done in your life that you’re most proud of?” and he responded by saying: “Marrying your grandmother!”



                More info: Facebook

                Image credits: Alesha Nemechek

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