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                Tips for Perfectly Packed Luggage


                While nearly everyone gets excited to go on vacation, almost no one looks forward to packing beforehand. This dreaded task is only made worse by the threat of wrinkled clothes, forgotten items and broken gear when you arrive at your destination. However, with the following tips from travel industry experts, you'll be a packing whiz in time for your next trip.


                Choosing a Bag


                There are many types of luggage available, from backpacks and carry-on bags to duffels and large rolling suitcases. Choosing the right bag for your trip and your needs is key to achieving packing success.



                Wendy Perrin, editor of the travel-planning website WendyPerrin.com, says an over-the-shoulder bag is a great option for a casual weekend getaway, while luggage that keeps clothes wrinkle-free is ideal for business travelers. These pointers will help you pick your perfect travel bag.


                What to Pack


                Now that you've considered which bag to bring, it's time to decide which items to put inside it. Keep in mind that most airlines limit each checked bag to 50 pounds before charging additional luggage fees (on top of the initial price, if there is one). Southwest Airlines is one airline that allows up to two free checked bags (weighing 50 pounds or less) per person. You'll want to check the policy for your specific airline before your flight.

                既然你已经考虑了要带哪个包,现在是时候决定把哪些东西放进去了。请记住,大多数航空公司在收取额外行李费之前,会将每卐个托运行李的重量限制在50英镑以内(如果有的话,是在原价的基础上)。西南航空是一家允许每人免∑ 费托运两件行李(重量不超过50磅)的航空公司。在您的航班起飞前,您需要检查所在航空公司的政策。

                Packing Tips


                Once you determine what to pack, you'll need to figure out how to fit all of your vacation essentials in one (possibly tiny) bag. Here's what the experts say you should do to pack efficiently.



                · Roll your clothes. "Rolling your clothes helps to fit more and, if done right, helps to reduce wrinkles in the clothes you've packed," Laurie says.

                卷ω 起你的衣服。劳里说:“卷起】你的衣服有助于适合(你的箱子),如果卷的合适,有助于减少你打包的衣服上的褶皱”。

                · Fill in empty spaces. Be sure to take full advantage of all of the space within your bag. "Fill suitcase gaps with socks, belts, intimates and hair tools to create a flat surface before laying down clothing," Guilfoyle says.


                Similarly, Brown says she is always sure to fill the space created by the handle inside her carry-on with a scarf or camisole. For even more space, stick socks and other items inside your shoes.


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