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                名人演讲:Keep Your Dreams 执着于你的梦想[阿诺德_施瓦辛格]





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                Keep Your Dreams 执着于你的梦想

                —— 阿诺德_施瓦辛格

                Keep Your Dreams 执着于你的梦想 阿诺德_施瓦辛格



                [00:06.68]Well, thank you very much,


                [00:08.95]First of all,

                [00:09.65]I want to thank President Gu

                [00:10.57]for having me here,

                [00:11.44]and I want to thank Mr. Qizhi

                [00:12.92]for your kind introduction.

                [00:15.06]Thank you very much.

                [00:16.27]It is wonderful to be here

                [00:17.61]at this university.

                [00:19.04]What a special place.

                [00:21.00]I just looked around a little bit here,

                [00:22.78]it's a gorgeous, gorgeous place.

                [00:24.83]I want to congratulate you

                [00:25.96]for going to this magnificent university here.

                [00:28.78]Now, the last time I was here

                [00:30.07]in China was five years ago,

                [00:33.65]and then I was promoting my movies.

                [00:35.45]They had a movie festival here,

                [00:38.38]the Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Festival.

                [00:40.52]I remember they showed all my movies

                [00:42.20]for a week

                [00:44.01]which was a rarity,

                [00:44.86]may I remind you

                [00:46.47]and they also showed the movies on television.

                [00:49.61]But we also were here to promote Special Olympics,

                [00:51.72]which is an organization

                [00:52.83]that helps people with mental disabilities,

                [00:55.75]so I was here for both reasons.

                [00:57.46]But this time

                [00:58.15]I'm here as the governor

                [00:59.84]of the great state of California.

                [01:01.60]I'm here representing the people of California,

                [01:04.01]and we're here on a trade mission

                [01:07.07]to see how we can do more business

                [01:08.94]with China

                [01:09.78]to help each other,

                [01:10.79]because both

                [01:11.93]California is a very fast growing state,

                [01:14.35]and China is a very fast growing country,

                [01:16.22]and there are a lot of things

                [01:17.12]that we can do for one another.

                [01:18.82]But I didn't want to miss the opportunity

                [01:20.28]to come here today

                [01:21.57]and to talk with the young people;

                [01:23.03]as a matter of fact,

                [01:24.06]to the brightest young people of China.

                [01:26.56]And this is why it is so great to be here

                [01:28.02]at the Tsinghua University,

                [01:29.72]and I'm honored that I was invited here.

                [01:32.02]Now, I read a little bit about

                [01:33.86]the history of Tsinghua,

                [01:35.50]and I learned that actually

                [01:38.48]this school originally prepared students

                [01:40.19]to attend universities in America.

                [01:43.76]Now, I also know that since

                [01:45.29]the attack on our World Trade Centers

                [01:49.60]it has become more and more difficult

                [01:51.00]to go to the universities

                [01:52.58]in America because you need

                [01:53.80]to fill out all kinds of paperwork now

                [01:55.83]and you have to get visas,

                [01:57.82]and it's very complicated,

                [01:59.15]and you have to wait

                [01:59.89]a much longer period of time

                [02:01.00]to go over there.

                [02:02.09]But let me tell you,

                [02:03.10]things are improving already.

                [02:04.64]I've heard that it's easing up the restrictions,

                [02:06.80]and it's easier to get a visa.

                [02:08.87]My young Chinese friends,

                [02:10.24]I want to tell you that

                [02:11.85]in case no one from America

                [02:13.22]has ever invited you,

                [02:14.34]let me do this right now personally.

                [02:17.36]I want to warmly invite

                [02:19.46]all of you here to come

                [02:21.48]to the United States,

                [02:22.43]and especially to come to California,

                [02:24.06]because that's the happening place.

                [02:26.32]California is the best place.

                [02:33.13]Please come and visit us,

                [02:34.84]we will welcome you.

                [02:36.31]I invite you all to come there

                [02:37.43]and to travel, to meet the American people,

                [02:39.52]and to come there

                [02:40.72]and study in our universities,

                [02:43.54]and some day hopefully you will come

                [02:45.45]and do business over there,

                [02:47.46]or maybe you'll want to move over there.

                [02:49.29]Whatever your goal is,

                [02:50.27]you're always welcome.

                [02:52.22]America, after all,

                [02:53.12]let's not forget,

                [02:54.21]is the land of opportunity.

                [02:56.51]And it's not only the land of opportunity

                [02:57.99]for Austrians like me,

                [03:00.16]but for Chinese people as well.

                [03:02.02]Remember that.

                [03:03.59]I know that beginning with this century,

                [03:10.06]China is also becoming a land of opportunity.

                [03:13.20]It's a fast growing place,

                [03:14.85]and as the students of this great university

                [03:16.64]and the citizens of a rising China,

                [03:19.75]I think that you have a great future

                [03:21.67]also here in this country.

                [03:23.90]And today I want to talk to you

                [03:26.22]a little bit about the dreams,

                [03:28.18]about the dreams of your future,

                [03:29.68]and dreams for this country.

                [03:31.30]I want to talk to you a little bit

                [03:33.51]about dreams,

                [03:34.24]because it seems to me

                [03:35.16]that I'm somewhat of an expert in dreams,

                [03:36.76]because I had a lot of my dreams

                [03:39.00]become a reality.

                [03:40.90]So let me just briefly tell you my story,

                [03:43.50]and tell you a little bit about

                [03:45.41]how I started with my career.

                [03:49.50]I think that this story kind of relates

                [03:52.08]a little bit also to you,

                [03:53.30]and also to China.

                [03:55.66]I started way back as a weightlifter.

                [04:00.09]I always liked the idea of lifting weights

                [04:02.53]and being a bodybuilder.

                [04:04.39]From the first moment

                [04:05.21]when I gripped a barbell

                [04:08.54]and held it around the bar

                [04:09.81]and lifted the steel above my head,

                [04:12.92]I felt this exhilaration,

                [04:16.05]and I knew then that this is something

                [04:18.07]that I'm going to do;

                [04:19.57]that I was in love with that,

                [04:20.65]and this is going to be something

                [04:22.01]that I'm going to do.

                [04:23.38]I'm going to pursue the sport of weightlifting

                [04:26.16]and bodybuilding.

                [04:27.70]Now, I remember the first real workout

                [04:30.64]that I had. It was eight miles away

                [04:34.18]from my home village in Austria

                [04:36.21]there was a gymnasium,

                [04:38.07]and I rode to that gymnasium

                [04:39.37]with a bicycle.

                [04:41.17]And there I trained for half an hour,

                [04:42.86]because they said that after half an hour

                [04:45.65]you should stop

                [04:46.47]because otherwise your body will get really sore.

                [04:49.80]But after half an hour

                [04:51.12]I looked at my body,

                [04:53.01]and nothing had happened.

                [04:55.49]So I said,

                [04:55.91]I'd better work out for another half hour.

                [04:58.37]So I lifted some more.

                [04:59.80]My strength didn't improve,

                [05:01.09]I didn't see the muscles pop out

                [05:02.91]or anything like that,

                [05:04.22]so I trained for another half an hour.

                [05:06.77]And then after another half hour

                [05:09.37]I trained another half hour,

                [05:10.36]and all together I trained two

                [05:12.18]and a half hours.

                [05:13.86]Well, let me tell you something.

                [05:14.81]After two and a half hours

                [05:16.41]I left the gymnasium,

                [05:17.67]even though they told me

                [05:18.70]that I shouldn't train that much

                [05:19.96]or I would getreally sore

                [05:21.67]I rode my bicycle home.

                [05:22.99]And after the first mile I got numb,

                [05:26.37]and I couldn't feel anymore

                [05:27.50]the handle of the bicycle,

                [05:29.20]and I fell off the bike

                [05:30.57]and I fell into the ditch

                [05:31.84]on the side of the road.

                [05:33.88]So I got up again

                [05:34.77]and I tried it again.

                [05:35.70]Another few yards,

                [05:37.16]I fell off the bicycle again.

                [05:39.23]And I tried it three,

                [05:40.16]four more times,

                [05:41.05]and I just couldn't ride my bicycle

                [05:42.70]because my body was so numb

                [05:44.25]and my legs felt like noodles.

                [05:47.01]Well, let me tell you something.

                [05:48.25]The next morning when I got up,

                [05:50.41]my body was so sore

                [05:51.77]that I couldn't even lift my arms

                [05:53.37]to comb my hair.

                [05:54.86]I had to have my mother comb my hair,

                [05:57.02]and you know how embarrassing that is.

                [05:59.71]But you know something?

                [06:00.54]I learned a very important lesson,

                [06:02.24]that pain means progress.

                [06:05.86]Pain is progress.

                [06:07.91]Each time my muscles were sore

                [06:09.44]from a workout I knew

                [06:10.56]that they were growing

                [06:11.97]and they were getting stronger.

                [06:13.90]I think there is a real life lesson in that.

                [06:16.96]After two or three years of discipline

                [06:18.88]and determination and working out hard,

                [06:21.66]I actually changed my body,

                [06:24.01]and I changed my strength.

                [06:26.16]And that told me something;

                [06:27.59]that if I could change my body that much,

                [06:29.45]and if I could change the strength

                [06:31.10]of my body that much,

                [06:32.69]then I could also change anything else.

                [06:34.76]I could change my habits,

                [06:36.78]I could change my intelligence,

                [06:38.54]I could change my attitude,

                [06:40.12]my mind, my future, mylife.

                [06:42.94]And this is exactly what I have done.

                [06:44.85]I think that that lesson applies to people,

                [06:47.26]and it also applies to countries.

                [06:49.29]You can change;

                [06:50.42]China can change;

                [06:52.61]everyone in the world can change.

                [06:55.32]My parents, of course,

                [06:56.50]I have to tell you,

                [06:57.39]didn't understand my dreams at all.

                [07:00.08]They were always wondering.

                [07:01.09]They said, "What is he doing?

                [07:02.02]When are you going to get a job,

                [07:03.07]a real job?

                [07:03.77]When are you going to make money?

                [07:04.93]And all of those questions I got.

                [07:06.50]And they said,

                [07:07.22]I hope we didn't raise a bum,

                [07:08.70]someone that doesn't make money

                [07:10.00]and just wants to live in a gymnasium

                [07:11.96]and think about their bodies.

                [07:13.94]Well, I endured all of this negative thinking,

                [07:16.21]and the more negative the thinking got,

                [07:18.76]and the more negative the questions got,

                [07:20.36]the stronger

                [07:21.31]and the more positive I became,

                [07:23.18]the stronger I became inside.

                [07:24.73]So of course some of your families

                [07:27.03]maybe think the same way,

                [07:28.26]and this is why I'm mentioning that.

                [07:30.13]Some of your families

                [07:31.03]maybe don't believe in your dreams.

                [07:32.77]But let me tell you something,

                [07:34.00]my young friends.

                [07:35.06]Keep your dreams.

                [07:36.34]No matter what,

                [07:36.99]keep your dreams.

                [07:38.86]Don't give up on them,

                [07:40.08]even when you are temporarily

                [07:41.90]defeated or denied.

                [07:44.07]Keep your dreams.

                [07:45.79]I remember the first time

                [07:46.82]I went to the United States

                [07:47.95]and I was competing

                [07:49.31]in a competition.

                [07:50.77]It was the World Championship in Bodybuilding.

                [07:53.40]I lost. I came in second,

                [07:55.25]and I was devastated.

                [07:56.48]I was crushed. I felt like a loser,

                [07:58.64]a major loser,

                [08:00.07]let me tell you.

                [08:01.11]I CRIed,

                [08:01.70]as a matter of fact,

                [08:02.43]because I felt like

                [08:03.65]I disappointed my friends

                [08:04.94]and I disappointed myself.

                [08:06.82]But the next day I got my act together,

                [08:09.56]I shifted gears, and I said,

                [08:11.32]I'm going to learn from that lesson.

                [08:13.65]I'm going to stay here in America.

                [08:16.39]I'm not going to go back to Europe.

                [08:17.93]I'm going to stay in America

                [08:19.08]and I'm going to train

                [08:20.18]with the American champions,

                [08:21.11]I'm going to train the American way.

                [08:22.54]I'm going to eat the American food,

                [08:23.76]I'm going to train

                [08:24.91]with the American machines

                [08:25.69]and the principles.

                [08:26.87]And a year later, in America,

                [08:28.49]I became the World Champion in Bodybuilding.

                [08:31.86]So I think this is a very,

                [08:32.78]very important lesson.

                [08:33.92]And from then on, I continued.

                [08:35.98]My career took off, and everything

                [08:38.04]that I wanted to do I accomplished.

                [08:39.65]First it was to become a champion

                [08:41.38]in bodybuilding.

                [08:42.27]Later on I became a movie star,

                [08:44.24]to do all the great movies,

                [08:45.86]the Conan movies and the Terminator movies

                [08:47.62]and all this.

                [08:48.49]Then I became the governor

                [08:49.61]of the great state of California,

                [08:51.27]of the sixth largest economy in the world.

                [08:54.12]All of this happened because of my dreams,

                [08:57.29]even though other people told me

                [08:59.72]that those dreams were bogus

                [09:01.55]and they werecrazy,

                [09:02.86]but I held onto my dreams.

                [09:05.47]And people would always say,

                [09:06.41]no matter what,

                [09:07.12]even in bodybuilding

                [09:08.15]they said I would never make it.

                [09:09.28]And later on in the movies,

                [09:10.45]in Hollywood they said

                [09:11.54]I would not make it.

                [09:12.97]They said,

                [09:13.72]You will never make it.

                [09:14.23]You have a German accent.

                [09:15.65]No one in Hollywood

                [09:16.33]has ever made it with a German accent.

                [09:18.34]Yeah, maybe you can play

                [09:19.21]some Nazi roles or something like that,

                [09:20.75]but you cannot become a leading star

                [09:22.75]with an accent.

                [09:24.67]Plus your body, you're overdeveloped,

                [09:25.99]you have all these muscles.

                [09:27.43]They did Hercules movies 20 years ago;

                [09:29.36]that's outdated. Now it's Woody Allen.

                [09:32.35]Woody Allen is in, his body is in.

                [09:33.41]And those were the messages.

                [09:36.11]And Al Pacino,

                [09:37.70]the skinny guy, he is in.

                [09:39.38]But not your body, it's too big.

                [09:40.93]And your name, Schwarzenegger,

                [09:43.86]it will never fit on a movie poster.

                [09:45.35]Forget it. Forget it.

                [09:47.00]You will never make it.

                [09:47.73]Go back to bodybuilding.

                [09:48.87]Well , the rest is his story.

                [09:50.38]After Terminator 3,

                [09:52.27]I became the highest paid movie star

                [09:54.17]in Hollywood.

                [09:56.07]And let me tell you something,

                [09:56.94]it continued on.

                [09:57.81]Even when I ran for governor people said,

                [09:59.58]Arnold, you will never make it.

                [10:01.45]You will never become governor of California.

                [10:03.08]What do you know about government?

                [10:04.89]Well, the fact is,

                [10:05.90]I knew exactly as much

                [10:06.97]about government

                [10:07.53]as the rest of the people knew in California,

                [10:09.40]which is that government is out of touch,

                [10:11.17]and it's out of sync

                [10:12.51]with the people,

                [10:13.13]and it needed a shakeup.

                [10:15.01]So I didn't listen to all those people

                [10:17.28]that said I would never make it.

                [10:18.93]I continued campaigning,

                [10:20.33]I listened to my dreams,

                [10:22.11]and the rest also is history.

                [10:24.05]I became governor.

                [10:25.17]So always it just carried me on,

                [10:27.46]those dreams.

                [10:28.59]So bodybuilding gave me the confidence,

                [10:30.38]movies gave me the money,

                [10:32.40]and pubic service and being a governor

                [10:34.91]gave me a purpose larger than myself.

                [10:38.14]And that is the brief story

                [10:39.96]of my dreams and a brief story

                [10:41.55]of my early life,

                [10:43.66]and how my dreams made me successful.

                [10:46.12]A person, of course,

                [10:47.09]should not be stingy with their dreams.

                [10:49.79]So I, of course,

                [10:50.61]don't just think and dream about myself,

                [10:53.01]but I also have dreams for you,

                [10:55.78]and dreams for China.

                [10:57.48]So let me just talk a little bit about that.

                [10:59.62]China's economy has become an engine

                [11:02.95]of human progress,

                [11:04.41]lifting millions of people out of poverty.

                [11:06.59]This is a moral and economic good

                [11:09.42]for China and for the rest of the world.

                [11:12.84]I often read that China's economy

                [11:14.79]is likely to become the largest

                [11:16.62]in the world over the next 50 years,

                [11:18.36]and I think this is terrific.

                [11:19.87]This does not mean, of course,

                [11:21.07]that America will get poorer;

                [11:22.50]it just means that China will get richer,

                [11:24.34]and the United States will benefit

                [11:26.39]from China's progress as much as the U.S.

                [11:28.66]benefited from the rise

                [11:30.60]of Western Europe after World War II.

                [11:33.73]Some in my country fear

                [11:34.91]that China's research and development

                [11:37.36]will overtake America's,

                [11:39.91]but I believe that America

                [11:41.34]and the world will benefit from China's scientific

                [11:45.27]and technological advances.

                [11:47.29]I think we will benefit from that.

                [11:48.88]If China makes advances

                [11:50.14]in stem cell research,

                [11:53.31]the rest of the world will benefit from that.

                [11:56.39]If China discovers an energy breakthrough,

                [11:58.77]this is good for the rest of the world,

                [12:01.51]such as the benefit of a free market.

                [12:04.37]Some fear that China

                [12:05.18]will buy up American companies,

                [12:06.70]but that fear also existed

                [12:08.46]in the 80s,

                [12:09.58]when America feared that Japan

                [12:11.36]was going to buy up American companies.

                [12:13.72]So what?

                [12:14.65]It was just good,

                [12:15.66]and to the benefit of America.

                [12:16.91]We should welcome China's investment

                [12:19.09]in American companies,

                [12:20.30]just as we welcome the billions

                [12:22.04]of dollars that China

                [12:23.44]has invested in U.S. treasury bonds.

                [12:26.49]This shows that China

                [12:27.55]has faith in America,

                [12:28.81]and American investment in China shows

                [12:31.19]that we have faith in you.

                [12:33.88]So I believe that China

                [12:35.01]and U.S. economic relations

                [12:36.88]will become even closer in the years ahead.

                [12:40.63]Certainly I realize that

                [12:41.70]we do not agree on everything,

                [12:44.21]but who does?

                [12:45.45]Certainly I realize that China

                [12:46.51]has major hurdles to overcome,

                [12:48.75]but it is not for me to say how

                [12:51.61]China should overcome those hurdles

                [12:53.54]and achieve its dreams.

                [12:55.84]But I can tell you, however,

                [12:58.08]what has given America such energy

                [13:00.46]and strength over the last 200 years,

                [13:02.42]and perhaps there are some insights

                [13:03.72]in this for China.

                [13:05.48]America is a nation that believes

                [13:07.04]in the power of the individual,

                [13:09.54]and what the individual can accomplish,

                [13:11.72]no matter the color,

                [13:12.59]no matter the religion,

                [13:14.02]no matter the ethnic background

                [13:15.36]of the individual.

                [13:16.87]Recently, as you probably maybe

                [13:19.42]have read, Rosa Parks,

                [13:21.84]a former seamstress married

                [13:24.02]to a barber, married to a hairdresser,

                [13:25.64]died, and she lay in honor in the Rotunda of the U.S.

                [13:29.56]Capital in Washington.

                [13:31.55]People from around America

                [13:33.12]came to say farewell to her

                [13:34.94]and to thank her for changing our history

                [13:37.61]and for changing our society.

                [13:40.54]Now, what did this 92 year-old black woman

                [13:43.46]do that deserved such great honor?

                [13:46.14]What did she do?

                [13:47.03]Well, in 1955, the days of racial segregation,

                [13:50.88]she had refused to give up her seat

                [13:53.74]on the bus to a white man.

                [13:55.88]She had refused. Her simple refusal

                [13:58.30]to move to the back of the bus

                [14:00.17]put into motion events

                [14:01.99]that led to my country's great

                [14:04.17]civil rights movement.

                [14:06.25]The small protest of a woman

                [14:08.16]that maybe weighed less than 100 pounds.

                [14:11.03]brought down a racist system.

                [14:13.70]As you can see, the individual can make a difference.

                [14:18.49]Let me tell you about another individual,

                [14:20.25]Ken Behring, a millionaire California businessman

                [14:23.30]who found his passion in giving wheelchairs

                [14:25.85]to poor and physically disabled people

                [14:30.83]all around the globe,

                [14:32.01]including China.

                [14:33.38]He says that he has met people

                [14:34.87]who have spent years in rooms

                [14:36.68]with no window,

                [14:37.86]just lying there and staring up

                [14:39.35]at the ceiling,

                [14:40.85]never seeing the outside world

                [14:42.03]unless someone was willing

                [14:43.29]to pick up that person

                [14:44.60]and take them outside

                [14:45.72]to show them the world.

                [14:47.77]He says that it's no wonder

                [14:48.70]so many of those physically

                [14:49.88]disabled people dream

                [14:51.08]about being a bird.

                [14:53.13]Mr. Behring says that most of us think

                [14:55.39]that a wheelchair would be a confinement,

                [14:58.19]but to millions of people it is not a confinement,

                [15:01.61]it is freedom, freedom

                [15:03.29]to move and to go to school,

                [15:05.03]freedom to vote, freedom

                [15:06.52]to get a job,

                [15:07.60]and freedom for hope

                [15:08.92]for the future.

                [15:10.35]He has given freedom

                [15:11.22]and wheelchairs to 400,000 people

                [15:14.02]around the world.

                [15:15.20]The individual can make a difference.

                [15:19.00]My mother-in-law,

                [15:20.31]Eunice Kennedy Shriver

                [15:21.80]I always like to mention her,

                [15:23.48]because it gets me

                [15:24.88]on the good side of her

                [15:25.59]she, for instance,

                [15:27.83]started an organization called Special Olympics.

                [15:31.13]She started Special Olympics

                [15:32.69]which is for people with mental disabilities.

                [15:34.99]And of course when she started that organization

                [15:37.79]she was told by the experts,

                [15:39.92]Don't do it.

                [15:41.16]You cannot take people

                [15:42.66]with mental disabilities

                [15:43.90]out of mental institutions

                [15:46.08]and have them participate in sports events.

                [15:48.27]They will drown in the swimming pools.

                [15:50.08]They will kill each other out there,

                [15:52.21]they willhurt each other.

                [15:53.03]Don't do it.

                [15:54.21]But Eunice Kennedy Shriver

                [15:55.47]had a dream and a passion,

                [15:58.15]and today millions of people

                [15:59.53]compete in Special Olympics

                [16:01.15]around the world,

                [16:02.29]including right here in China.

                [16:04.22]This is why I was here five years ago.

                [16:06.58]Five years ago you had 50,000 participants

                [16:09.64]in the Special Olympics.

                [16:11.21]Today, five years later,

                [16:13.03]you have 500,000 participants in Special Olympics.

                [16:16.46]500,000 people are getting a chance

                [16:19.46]to participate in sports programs,

                [16:21.39]getting a chance to have health care,

                [16:23.13]have a chance to be treated equally,

                [16:24.56]with respect and with tolerance.

                [16:27.25]So Eunice Kennedy Shriver exemplifies

                [16:29.75]that the individual can make a difference.

                [16:33.05]And I think what I'm trying to say

                [16:34.43]to you is that each

                [16:35.49]and every one of you can make a difference.

                [16:38.48]So as you study

                [16:39.47]and as you become smarter,

                [16:40.72]and as you become richer,

                [16:42.23]think about these millions

                [16:45.21]of people that need your help.

                [16:47.27]Now, you maybe ask yourself the question,

                [16:49.07]what can I do?

                [16:50.88]Well, let me tell you.

                [16:52.37]Even though you maybe

                [16:54.30]have no money or nothing,

                [16:55.99]you can go out

                [16:57.48]and help a child that has not yet learned

                [16:59.24]yet how to read.

                [16:59.74]You maybe can go out

                [17:01.06]and help a person that is physically handicapped,

                [17:03.32]to lift them up

                [17:04.06]and to take them outside

                [17:05.26]so they can see the world.

                [17:06.63]There are so many different things

                [17:08.44]that you can do.

                [17:09.49]You maybe can take a person

                [17:10.68]that is mentally disabled,

                [17:12.23]to take them to a soccer game.

                [17:13.99]There are all kinds of things

                [17:15.42]that the individual

                [17:16.17]can do to reach out and to help.

                [17:17.53]Imagine what could be accomplished

                [17:20.02]if the dreams of China's

                [17:21.89]1.3 billion individuals could be unleashed.

                [17:25.45]Imagine what could happen.

                [17:27.01]Each of you here has the power

                [17:28.94]of the individual within you,

                [17:30.93]you have the power of your dreams

                [17:33.29]within you,

                [17:34.28]and these are tremendous powers.

                [17:35.72]You're young,

                [17:36.65]you're educated,

                [17:37.58]and you are the very best

                [17:39.26]China has to offer.

                [17:41.19]My young Chinese friends,

                [17:43.06]I believe in your dreams.

                [17:44.86]I believe that you can achieve them,

                [17:46.85]and I believe you can make a difference,

                [17:49.34]a big difference.

                [17:50.40]All you have to do is just

                [17:51.96]make the commitment.

                [17:53.01]All you have to do is create the action

                [17:54.63]and commit, and say,

                [17:56.01]Let's do it.

                [17:57.20]Go out and do it.

                [17:58.50]I'm asking you.

                [17:59.75]Do it for yourself,

                [18:00.80]do it for China,

                [18:02.69]and do it for the good of the world.

                [18:05.74]Thank you very much for listening.

                [18:07.10]Thank you.

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